Shoot RAW ........

My name is Tom Roger Johnsen, born in 1961...........


I live in Skien town, Telemark County in Norway.

I'm above average interested in photography, filming and computers.


Programs I use for timelapse:

Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and LRTimelapse Pro.

Vegas Pro 16 to complete video.


Method to avoid flickering:

Rule 1: Everything in manual.

Rule 2: Preventing camera from control the aperture.

Rule 3: Slow shutterspeed, 1 - 2 sec. Adjust exposure with suitable ND filter.



Click here, and here if you want to learn more, recomended..


My computer is put together to be totally quiet, water cooling and four big fans at slow speed for ventilation. SSD disk, overkill PSU....


My first computer in 1994,  was Packard Bell Executive 486 dx2 66mhz.

It soon became too slow, so i built a new one that sounded like a vacuum cleaner...

It was then I started with water cooling, aquarium pump, copper cooling blocks on cpu, gpu and one on the motherboard. Fun..:)



Here is how i have modified an old Nikkor lens.

In addition, the electronic connector to the camera must be broken, use tape as insulation.

I did the same with my 24mm Rokinon lens, I cut the cable to the connector to avoid using tape.